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THE devilish LIES
  It has always been the evil plan of supremists all over the world to fabricate lies of genocide. if it be that anything or any nation theatens their supremecy, today Black south africans are faced with this  evil, since they requested that  land be shared equally with  and be given to the  landless  black and poor people.
This request seems to be a threat to the right wings suilanders and those who work with them afriforum and DA. So in order for them to prevent the sharing of land they have decided not just from now but  long before the call, to spread the propaganda of white genocide. With no evidence to this claim, not even bodies but affirm this evil Agenda based only on  numbers and fabricated % . They have forever failed to  present the murdered, or informing the police about the incidences. We can't ignore the plan of the Boer called (South African Project) to start war and we know who they hope will provide weapons to bruta…

Live life to the fullest even when working on being successful

It is crucial to acknowledge the short life given to us by the most high and live it to the fullest, because it is our gift from the heavens. Let no one take that away from you ,not kids, not husband not friends,families and bosses. What's crucial in this world is to always remember who gave us that life and be Grateful to him who is called the creator of all the alpha and Omega the God of god's,  And  worship him at the right time be pure at heart and easy to forgive but yet live life to the fullest. Our Father gave this life to us and gave us + 10 comments to keep and live life
So wasting life being unhappy or trying to please those who don't deserve will be just a waste of this gift. People should allow others to play a role in this world and enjoy it So if your children are just so disrespectful and can't allow you to live yes you gave birth to them but that want to mean they should kill you. Let them go as long as you know you've done your biblical best and …

Former South African President on Twitter

Mr Jacob Zuma on Twitter for the first time.
Former president Jacob Zuma has had enough of people talking about him and pausing as him on Social media that he took a stand to say that he is joining in and in on the debates. He said that on a video directed to Twitter fans. He was firstly welcomed by the EFf leader Julius Malema and many other followers , who seemed really happy to hear this. Most twitted positive things in response.
In less than 4 hours of post he was already with over 100000 views. So South Africa Hopes to be hearing from the former president and what he might have to say. It's refreshing nowadays to have to hear from the leaders direct. Before it wasn't so easy , so we may all say we have the Social media to thank Donald Trump has really set a tone on this matter.

Why Julius Malema is hated by Boers?

The uncontrollably disgusting hate towards Malema Is it a crime for one to love himself and his own people more?
Is it a crime to feel and acknowledge the cry of the people? Donald Trump's is allowed to say whatever he wants , so are the Racist white people in South Africa. For 400 years blacks all over had live with humiliating evil mindset of Caucasians all over. They had to endure all the name callings for so long that it hurts whites when blacks say enough is enough We are done pleasing you ,now we are focusing on serving and caring for our rejected ever humiliated blacks and we are working on uplifting their spirit into self love. Well that's what Malema is about , realizing that blacks are the most oppressed and hated all over for a invisible crime they didn't commit.
He is about waking the South Africans up not into hate but into self-love . South Africans like the Americans and others have forever been raped,killed, humiliated,mocked by whites for amusement purpo…

History of South Africa false and manipulated by white minority

south african video
History written by whites need critical thinking

We here now that the blacks are on power different version of the real history . trying so hard to put blacks in a vulnerable position. Let's look at the truth and use logic.

The reason for this lie is this
White (Boers) are the most racist in the world even worst than any other caucasian due to the fact that they have enjoyed black enslavement for so long that they cant  stand to see themselves as ever been equal to any blacks.
When at school we were taught how they came and entered via the cape met the Xhosa people who spoke deep Xhosa( called them khosa and they could not pronounce the word "xhosas"(khosa) fought against them won, and started to develop the cape via slavery. During that time made seeds (coloreds) in means of rape since most Xhosà women were house maids. The fruit of such altrocities)was (coloreds) mix race)  (Xhosas women never mingled with whites.face  the fact that  they were raped.…

GUGU ONPOINT|Things to do to keep your family and your spouse happy TO AVOID DIVORCE


Most people especially couples are so selfish that they tend to think only for themselves, especially when their marriage is under attack, couples need to identify what the Devil uses in order to enter into our lives destroy our family, couples need to joint hands and fight against that by never ever departing from the most high and constantly pray for  God to give them strength to never give up on their marriage for the sake of God's word and the kids.
Children suffer because people marry for wrong reasons and never fear separation. The Devil attacks us by showing us most of our spouses flaws, uses what couples say to each other during misunderstandings, to bring hate and disrespect between the couples. That's why couples should be very careful of the words they utter when angry, because words do stick in our hearts and minds.
If it has happened that negative hurtful words had been said and you beginning to hate your spouse please do try this.
Trusting in God  Pray …

Real friendship and how it should be

People are always frustrated and looking for companion, and it seems as if real friends are hard to find because of the way the world has turned into.
People are too selfish to even consider friendship, people are all about what they can get never what they can offer to grow someone.Now these says, friendship shouldn't be about going out or meeting guys or ladies, it should be about finding the right associate, that loves and fears God. When you search for a friend search for someone that is always thinking and talking about how to please God.
Let your calls and sms be based on how wonderful God is and the wonderful imaginations of paradise.Stay away from friends that are too materialistic.Friends that think life is all about the finest things.Friends that will make you wanna go out of your way to meet up with things of this world, remember that the bible talks against all fleshy things, reminding you that it's even better to store your treasure where thieves do not enter and …